Dr Bob's Coffee is under new ownership and will resume business shortly. See you soon

Dr. Bob's Coffee WelcomeDr. Bob's Coffee WelcomeDr. Bob's Coffee WelcomeDr. Bob's Coffee Welcome

 Hugs and smiles will always be freely given and gratefully accepted.  

About Us

 When two people sit down for a talk and to share their stories, magic happens. Our conversations might address love, friendship, loss, healing, humor, pain, wisdom, or nothing at all.

But when we give each other our time, we walk away less alone and less isolated, more connected and alive.

Dr. Bob's Coffee is committed to promoting connection by providing at least two important ingredients; a good cup of coffee and a safe, comfortable space. We invite you to grab a friend or find one here, and have a seat.

The founders of Dr. Bob's Coffee are part of the recovery community. It is where we take our inspiration, where we find purpose and connection, and where we know our future lies. We can no more separate ourselves from that reality than we could separate our bodies from our hearts. 

Dr. Bob's Coffee is located next door to The Pigeon Coop. The “COOP” is an amazing place of healing in the substance abuse recovery community. Part of the original inspiration for the COOP was to have an informal hang out spot where healing could take place between meetings. We have witnessed miracles and believe that there has been a divine hand at work in everything the COOP has done. When the COOP decided that it was unwise to risk the work being done there by starting a coffee shop, we were honored to help make that part of the COOP's vision come to life.

The tag line from our mission statement, LOVE AND SERVICE, is more to us than just words. It is what we aspire to be every day. That is why we do this and why any profits Dr. Bob's Coffee generates will go to help others who are struggling, seeking to connect, as we all do.